The game

CuCumbersome Life is a 2D real-time strategy game for PC. It features resource and task management in a comical way and delivers amusing, yet challenging gameplay.

If you enjoy casual strategy games, you will most definitely fall in love with CuCumbersome Life.

Release date unknown (the game is still in an early development stage.)

Key features

  • Resource Management
  • Advanced job system
  • Dynamic weather
  • City progression
  • Cucumbers


Resource management

Create and manage buildings that collect or generate resources for your colony. Ensure that there is enough food, water and electricity. Survival is of paramount importance!

Good night!

Job management

Assign jobs to citizens, but beware: Once a job has been given to a citizen, you need to re-skill that unit for a pricey tribute. Plan them carefully to maximize efficiency at the lowest possible cost.

Dynamic weather

The weather changes dynamically in CuCumbersome Life and influences the environment.

City progression

Expand your city by creating more and more buildings. Level them up to gain access to better technologies or faster working machines.


Ever wondered what food humans would eat on another planet? Well, due to the ridiculously limited agricultural features of the planet in CuCumbersome Life, only cucumbers will grow (of course, duh).

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